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Our Profit Split Program

Are your seeking Higher Returns for your Investment Dollars? Do You Need Higher, Consistent Income? Seeking to create Wealth or get Richer? Does Your Business need Cash Flow for any purpose?
This And Our Monthly Returns Page Are The Pages To Read.

What makes Forex unique, unlike Derivatives, Futures, ETF's etc, there are NO margins calls ever when trading Forex regardless of any unforeseen occurrence or unusual event. Another Huge benefit with Forex, a $4 Trillion Dollars A Day Market, No One can control or manipulate or saturate that Market.

    After Conducting Tests Which You Can View Elsewhere On My Site, I Am Bringing Back Our Profit Split Page For USA Based Forex Accounts. Our Profit Split Page Will Be Available To USA Residents & USA Entities With FIFO And No Hedging Allowed Forex Accounts.

It Will Also Be Available To Non-USA Residents
And Non-USA Entities With Offshore Accounts.

Will Be 15:1 and 20:1 For USA Accounts

200:1 OR 400:1 For Offshore Accounts.
(Non-USA Accounts)

Account Minimums
$10,000 For USA Based Forex Accounts
( This May Be Raised To $20,000
On A Case By Case Basis )

$5,000 For Offshore Forex Accounts.

There Is No Upside Limit Or Restriction On Account Opening Funds With Any Broker At This Time.

View Our Business Model Page To See How We Would Function.

If You Prefer, We Can Draw Up A Partnership Agreement And We Would Handle All The Paperwork And Funds And Send You Your Share Of Profits Whenever You Request Them. They Would Be Left To Compounding Otherwise.

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Finder / Sales Rep Inquiry Welcomed.

Please Note:

   My MT4 EA ( Expert Advisor ) is available for Lease on a Profit Split Basis.   Leasing Of My EA And Percentage Of Profit Split Are Handled On A Case By Case Basis.

   50/50 Profit Split is most common case on a Weekly or Monthly basis.    See My Monthly Returns Page For Breakdown.

Lease my software this way, indefinitely, regardless of your State or Country of Domicile.

    Profit Splits weekly / monthly will be based on Equity in Account when split is due.   Corporate Accounts Are Handled As Agreed Upon.

 While Normal Drawdown could be as much as 40% from Account Balance  which is considered normal by many standards.     Our Actual Drawdown Won't Exceed 25%

Financial Potential

You Can View The Projected Returns On My Returns Page.

Account Risk Tolerance
And Safety Factors

ALL Accounts...USA Residents, USA Entities As Well As Offshore Accounts Having Higher Leverage With No FIFO Or Hedging Restrictions Can Be Set To Match Your Risk Tolerance.. From Extreme Safety To High Risk Tolerance With Huge Profits Of Over 50% In Any Given Week Possible.

The EA (Software) Will Be Set To Match Your Risk Tolerance At Time Of Signup And Your Objective Overall.   Huge Returns of 1% To Over 50% Weekly, Most Weeks Are Possible With Us Regardless Of Account Settings..

Give us a try with $50,000 or $100,000
And Than Add More Money As We Get To Know Each Other.

You Can Add $1 Million Or More depending on your resources or Fund Size.
You will be glad you did.


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Goodbye To Huge Commissions For Them...Losses For You

Finder / Sales Rep Inquiry Welcomed.

Let's Compare "Experts"..Theirs Versus Ours


Whose “Expert “ results would you want, for you or your company?

Calling our competitions' returns Dismal,  is being kind to them.  

We say, Higher limits are only reached when sights and expectations, from ourselves as well as others, are raised, not lowered.

Same is true with our Investments and Investment returns when mediocre or sub-par ability seeks to become the standard bearer, under the “ Expert “ banner.

“ Safe Investments by Our Experts ” Is What They Will Preach As Their Excuse for Dismal Or Negative Returns.


I say, Tell that to those that lost money in those so called " Safe Investments ", Pension Funds and 401K etc., and others that have been in the news over these past several years.

What about those who resort to “wrongdoings” to show a profit? They will never find a home with us. Our software generates Huge, Mind-Boggling Profits Legally, and can never be charged for “ Wrongdoings “

No Investment Knowledge Needed:

        Our software does everything for You.   You need no knowledge of Forex or anything.       

    Since We do The Free MT4 Hosting,    You do not need computer on 24/5 while Forex Trades.   We provide Free MT4 Hosting on Our Computers since MT4 Platform is necessary for our EA to function. 

Our EA will also work with Any Stock Broker / Forex Broker offering the MT4 Platform.   All Our EA requires is a MT4 platform.    Regardless of Broker Used,    It will handle All World Markets,    Forex,    Gold,    S&P 500    FTSE100,    Nikkei,    Crude Oil,    Dow 30 and Soft Commodities as well.


How Our Profit Split Works:

    We Are Unique In Our Profit Splits Since Unlike Others,   We Trust You, Our Live User,   To Send Us  Our Share Of Profits After they are  Generated by our EA.    This is how our profit split program  has worked from day 1 and we received our share of profits  weekly from many users worldwide  thru  bank wires and Paypal.    If You reside  in USA,  we also accept Checks and Money Orders.       

   We are broker neutral as long as their MT4 server is reliable and is STP ( Straight Through Processing ).    If we are not familiar with your Forex  Broker,  once you’re a live user with us,   we will test your Broker MT4 Server  and within 48 hours will tell you if we accept them.  If not, we will recommend who to use.

 We have used over dozen MT4 brokers worldwide Since 2008 between our live users worldwide accounts and demos we ran to test Broker's server, and know who to use and will recommend who to use if you do not have Forex account or we believe your broker MT4 server is unreliable or does not have STP ( Straight Through Processing ).   That is crucial.    Like trying to place a trade on phone or offset trade and getting busy signal all the time.


We are Not Affiliated with any Broker,     We are Software Developers.




Our Money, like yours,  comes from PROFITS  Generated by Our Software  for  You.  So you see,   We  would not make anything if Our Software did not generate  any profits for You consistently.


You split profits generated by our software 50/50 with us,    and we pay the Finder's Fees, if any,   from our share of profits as we get them from you for as long as you remain our Live User.  Your initial starting balance is yours and  always will be.

What if no Profits for Week

nothing to split

extremely unlikely

What if Losses for Week

they get carried over to next week

extremely unlikely

 Forex is Unique

NO MARGIN CALLS...EVER,  no potential loss other than initial investment, like trading options however, upside is unlimited while downside risk is known. huge profits can be made in a day / week / month / year.


Forex Curious

For Just curious people about what the hoop-la is about, once you taste Forex possibilities and see us in action, you may lose sleep thinking about potential results and Mind-Boggling Returns.

If your looking to get rich and retire, It may do that without a major cash outlay and if your rich, It could make you even richer

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Goodbye To " Old School Returns "

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