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Our 99 Year Sales Rep – Finder’s Agreement

How Difficult Is It To Sell For Us? Easier Than You Think... Read Below

*** NO License Required!! ***

*** NO Series 34 Required!!! ***

(Telemarketing..Cold Calling, Emailing Etc. )

   Firstly, Did You Read the Futures Magazine March 2010 issue? ... On page 26 or 29 is article about others trying to automate Forex and their failures...They are NO Closer Today. In back of that Issue under Advertisers, You will see our M & S Sarullo Ad.
   Hence, as you can see, We are not new at this and I am Hiring!

   You work hard for your money, what if you were still receiving those Commissions/Bonuses you earned in your last job or two?    If you care about your earnings, You really need to read this section.

As any Person who ever brought a customer /client into a company for compensation Commission knows, once you leave that company, for any reason, those commissions and bonuses you earned and were paid on that business, is no longer paid to you.
Even though it is still on company books and earning company a profit from it - and you would have received compensation and bonus for it, were you still there.

Our Finder’s Agreement gives you a 99 year right to those commissions earned by you, even if you leave us for whatever reason.
This Sales / Finder's Agreement Will Be Transferable To Any Company
We Will Form So You Will Be Protected Once We Incorporate Or Acquire A Public Shell.

Do the math, how much would you or your family have if those commissions / bonuses you earned with another company, say 5 years ago or 2 years, were still paid to you or to your family even though you retired, changed employers or died?

With Our Approval, it is even transferable to your Heirs for the duration.

Let’s be fair, not every company, in every industry can do this, and rightly so. Many issues come to bear that would make it unfeasible, and costly for them. However, I can do it and I take care of our own. Those working for us will enjoy that benefit.


No License is needed when promoting us and our software. No Series 34 is required. If you are a Financial Advisor, so much the better.

1. Commission of 10% of our share of profits going forward, as we are paid our share of profits, should they wish to Lease Our EA on a Profit Split Basis for as long as they Lease our Software. Guaranteed Payouts!

2. Commission of 10% of Initial Seed Funds, paid upon receiving Seed Funds, for Starting our Forex Investment Company which would compensate you for your efforts and assistance. Cash Payout.

3. Compensation for your efforts in obtaining Seed Funds to start this venture, you would receive Equity position in Company in form of Stock. No restrictions would be placed on those stocks and you can dispose of them whenever you desire or sell them back to company for a Guaranteed Sale and Profit.

Because of our flexibility, Every Person, Public or Private Company, Hedge Fund, Asset Management Company, Pension Fund, Church Pension Funds and any Investor seeking a higher return...higher income from their investments, is a prospect of yours when you work for us.   Even Your Neighbor since everyone seeks to profit from their Investments or seeks Investment Income.   Word of mouth Referrals will be yours also.

Going Forward, Who would you rather work for? Who would you put more effort into, ensuring your financial well-being for years to come?

No Quotas or Restrictions. Worldwide Opportunity. Can even work from home. Unlimited Income Potential.

First year potential is in 7 figures or more. Yes, You can make $1 Million Dollars or more your first year with us..
AND Keep It for as long as that business stays on our Books..Even If YOU Don't.

View or download our Sales Representative - Finder's Fee Agreemen. Yes, we put it in writing!

Download Sales Rep / Finder's Agreement

Why offer dismal returns to your Prospects / Clients when you can offer them ours and benefit them, as well as yourself. You can even use us yourself to increase your income or increase your investment returns.

Come work for us. You earned those Commissions and Bonuses, receive them longer and even pass those earnings on to your family with us.

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