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Please Note:   We have No Facility for Walk-in Traffic

New Routine To Trade USA Forex Based Accounts With FIFO
& NO Hedging Allowed Account Restrictions

   Our Competition Uses Words Like " Theoretical " and
" Hypothetical " And Show You Numbers They Seldom Ever Achieve.
   I Show You Real Results NO ONE Can Doctor Up!    And, My Software Can Achieve My Numbers For You !!
   PLUS, We Charge NO Fees For That.

   Read the Futures Magazine March 2010 issue... On page 26 or 29 is article about others trying to automate Forex and their failures...They are NO Closer Today.
   In back of that Issue under Advertisers, You will see our M & S Sarullo Ad.
And We are still here Today!

   After years of dealing with many Forex Brokers And Live Accounts Worldwide And testing Them Out Before we went Live with Real Account, I know what My Demo Account Does, Our Live Account Will Do Same

This Is Starting Point. I Will Be Using A $10,000 Account from & $100,000 from FXCM.. Both Are FIFO & NO Hedging Allowed USA Based Forex Accounts. Couple Of Manual Trades Were Made At Start To Check Setup Of Account.
Check Back Weekly For Progress.
Demos Typically Expire After 30-90 Days
Depending On Broker.

Click Here For $10,000 Account

Click Here For $100,000 Account

This Is 2nd Round Of Tests Ending 1/6/17... Accounts Are Up 4% & 8% Respectively Month To Date

3rd Round Of Tests Will Be Week Ending 1/13/17...

This Will Be A Worst Case Scenario Drawdown Test... This Will Test Drawdown And Account Loss When A Huge Spike Occurs Against Open Positions That Could Not Be Hedged Nor Closed Out. This Extreme Loss Will Never Occur In Real Account Since Money Management And Internal Stop-Loss In EA Would Close Positions Out With Minimal Loss Per Order.

As You Can See From 3rd Round Test Results...Both Accounts Are Nowhere Close To Blowing And Worst Case Scenario
Only Lost About 10%.

Again..This Will Never Occur In Actual Trading Since Internal Money Managent And Internal Stop-Loss Would Have Closed Out Those Positions With Minimal Loss Per Order.

Also Notice Open Order Counts..That Number Is Excessive For Funds in That Account And Won't be Reached In Actual Trading..That Was Done Purposely To Test The Worst Case Scenario To See How Accounts Handled It.

The 4th And Final Test Is To Bring Account Back Up And Keep Producing Profits Weekly..Most Weeks. This is Week Ending 1/20/17 And They Are Back..

Account Risk Tolerance
And Safety Factors

ALL Accounts...USA Residents, USA Entities As Well As Offshore Accounts Having Higher Leverage With No FIFO Or Hedging Restrictions Can Be Set To Match Your Risk Tolerance.. From Extreme Safety To High Risk Tolerance With Huge Profits Of Over 50% In Any Given Week Possible.

The EA (Software) Will Be Set To Match Your Risk Tolerance At Time Of Signup And Your Objective Overall.   Huge Returns of 1% To Over 50% Weekly, Most Weeks Are Possible With Us Regardless Of Account Settings..

My $380 To $22,000 Overnight Profits Was Using My "Gusto" Method..    My "Gusto" Method is NOT For The Faint of Heart Or Those Seeking Steady, Reliable Source Of Income..Profits..    I Also Know Many Users In Past Preferred My "Gusto Version" Once They Got To Know Us And What Weekly Results Were Overall.

Write Or Call Me For More Specifics On that.

   Have You Noticed??       There Are NO Words Like    " Theoretical "    OR   
" Hypothetical "    Used Here...
   I Show You Real Results NO ONE Can Doctor Up!

   Have You Also Noticed??       There Are NO OPEN ORDERS When Profits Are Taken... You Don't See Bunch Of Open Orders With Huge Negative Pips Draining Account As You Do With Other EA's.

   Another Very Important Thing To Consider:
Most Automated Trading Programs (EA'S) Don't Work After A Week or So...That Is A Fact....Any Logic Will Work For Week Or So....Mine Is The Exception...My Strategies And My Software Have Been Tested And Used LIVE Since 2008 Successfully...

Why Is Mine Different?   I Think Outside The Box   AND    I Have Been Automating Systems And Processes For The Business World Since I Was 21 When I First Got Into Computers As A Systems Analyst.    I Worked My Way Up From A Computer Operator To Vice President- Data Processing For A Life And A & H Insurance Company In Just 2 Yrs...Fact!.
Back Then We Called It Data Processing.

I Have Designed And Automated Systems For Every Kind Of Manufactoring Process For Large, Well Known Companies Over The Years.   I Used That Knowledge To Develop My Strategies And Program My Software Myself. Coders, As We Called Them, Lack That Knowledge And Experience And Know How.

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