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It is a Universal Dream.

Every Man, Woman and Child on this Globe seeks to get ahead Financially and become Financially Independent.

My Desire and Intent, is to help Them realize that Dream by providing the Trading Software that could make that Dream a Perpetual Reality.

Samuel J. Sarullo, Founder & Managing Partner,
M & S Sarullo

Website Overview

Read Below For My Automated
Forex, Gold & Crude Oil Trading Software

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    Firstly, Let Me Address These Issues From Old Google Searches
So We Can Get Down To Business
Please Note: has been trying to black mail us with phony Posts on their website.    Even leading you to believe we are Canada based when In Fact, Our Home Office is just outside Chicago and been there from Day one.

   Same is true with ForexPeaceArmy and their Phony Mock Courts and Phony Convictions.    Check them out to see how many they have tried to blackmail with their Ridiculous Judicial Posts.
   We Have Never Been Sued By Anyone!!

   Same is true with FX Blue and any othe FX Site / Competitors site that are hell bent on discrediting us since they can't compete with us in the real world.    They Probably are on someone's payroll with an agenda to try and stifle the competition that can outshine them..   Namely US.   That happens in all areas of business and we are no exception.. They only fear those that are better who they cannot control or suppress.    Judging from the false inuandos, They must really fear us and what we know and
can do in Forex Trading!!

Now Read On To The Real Business At Hand
Thank You!

My Forex Automated
Trading Software

   Huge Returns of 1% to over 50% Weekly,
Most Weeks are possible with us.

However, I will ONLY Quote
Monthly Returns
From here on due To us seeking to start a
Private Equity Company

How Good Are We?

   Ask Your Broker Or Financial Advisor This Question:
  " What Does He Think About Someone Turning $380 Into $22k OVERNIGHT?? "    Listen To His Response Carefully....Now I Ask YOU...Who Would You Seek Advice From Or Want To Partner With??

   A.    "Him" Who Says No One Can Do It..It Must Be A Fake..Scam. " If It Could Be Done..I Wish I Knew How "

   B.    Some One Afraid Of New Trends And Are Old School. They Still Talk About Returns..Profits on A Single Digit Or Low Teens Annual Basis.

   C.    Us...Me Who Not Only Did It..See Below...I KNOW How To Code My MT4 Expert Advisor..So It Safely Trades While Generating Returns...Profits..Others Can Only Drool and Dream About.
   1% To Over 50% Returns Weekly...Most Weeks!!!

   Our Competition Uses Words Like " Theoretical " and
" Hypothetical " And Show You Numbers They Seldom Ever Achieve.
   I Show You Real Results NO ONE Can Doctor Up!    And, My Software Can Achieve My Numbers For You !!
   PLUS, We Charge NO Fees For That.

   Read the Futures Magazine March 2010 issue... On page 26 or 29 is article about others trying to automate Forex and their failures...They are NO Closer Today.
   In back of that Issue under Advertisers, You will see our M & S Sarullo Ad.
And We are still here Today!

   After years of dealing with many Forex Brokers And Live Accounts Worldwide And testing Them Out Before we went Live with Real Account, I know what My Demo Account Does, Our Live Account Will Do Same
This Is From Sept 1, 2016 To Sept 15,2016
Using around $1,000 Margin money ..which is VERY SAFE
in a $50,000 Forex Account with 1:200 Leverage...
Account is UP 18% In Two Weeks..

How Did You And Your Trading Account
Fare During Same Period???

   Another Very Important Thing To Consider:
Most Automated Trading Programs (EA'S) Don't Work After A Week or So...That Is A Fact....Any Logic Will Work For Week Or So....Mine Is The Exception...My Strategies And My Software Have Been Tested And Used LIVE Since 2008 Successfully...

Why Is Mine Different?   I Think Outside The Box   AND    I Have Been Automating Systems And Processes For The Business World Since I Was 21 When I First Got Into Computers As A Systems Analyst.    I Worked My Way Up From A Computer Operator To Vice President- Data Processing For A Life And A & H Insurance Company In Just 2 Yrs...Fact!.
Back Then We Called It Data Processing.

I Have Designed And Automated Systems For Every Kind Of Manufactoring Process For Large, Well Known Companies Over The Years.   I Used That Knowledge To Develop My Strategies And Program My Software Myself. Coders, As We Called Them, Lack That Knowledge And Experience And Know How.

This Is From Sept 15, 2016 To Sept 30,2016
Account is UP 38% For The Month Of September..

   Have You Noticed??       There Are NO Words Like    " Theoretical "    OR   
" Hypothetical "    Used Here...
   I Show You Real Results NO ONE Can Doctor Up!

   Have You Also Noticed??       There Are NO OPEN ORDERS When Profits Are Taken... You Don't See Bunch Of Open Orders With Huge Negative Pips Draining Account As You Do With Other EA's.

I Ask You Again...
WHO Would You Rather Be Doing Business With?
Come Join Us...

Minimum Investment To Partner With Us And Use My Software
Per My Profit Split Page Is $25,000

Forex Benefits & NO Market Manipulations
    What makes Forex unique, unlike Derivatives, Futures, etc, there are NO margins calls ever when trading Forex regardless of any unforeseen occurrence or unusual event. Another Huge benefit with Forex, a $4 Trillion Dollars A Day Market, No One can control or manipulate or saturate that Market.

    How Do Others Manipulate The Markets?     Answer Is Simple..They Manipulate Margins..( Suck You In With Low Margins Then Raise Margins Giving You Margin Calls..Taking You Out Of Your Positions)

    Tell Me That Has Never Happened To You Or Someone You Know...
    That Will Never Happen To You With Us By Your Side!


  Are you seeking Higher ROI, Higher Investment Returns? Higher Income Producing Avenue? Or are you tired of having a Managed Account that’s shows a lot of activity ( commission profit for them ) but No Profits for you.. Then you really need to do business with us.


Food For Thought For Investors / Speculators Who have a Managed Account with a Broker:

   One of the things We hear frequently from New Live Users who switched from a Managed Account to Leasing our EA,   besides doing so for our Huge Returns, is how Their Managed Account with Broker had activity to create Pip Spread Commissions for the Broker, but they saw No Profits in Their Account.    Are You one of these??   Is this really Your Goal?   What are Your True Expectations,   Motivation and Reason You have a Managed Account??  


Nor Can They Produce the Huge Mind-Boggling Profits For You as Our EA can For You...

We Are Looking To Form A Corporation, Preferably A OTCBB Penny Stock One.. A Start-up Private Equity Firm Based In USA

That Will Be Engaged In Proprietary Trading Utilizing My Software..

Since We Would Be Using My Software, This Can Be Done Many Times Concurrently

We Are Seeking A Like-Minded Private Investor Or Group Who Can Facilitate That.

Plenty Of Money To Be Made Out There.
Come Join Us..

Us As Parent Company

Let's NOT Forget The Rise Of Our OTCBB Stock Price As Well...
From $.0001 To ???

Minimum Investment Required
For This Is $500,000

Email Me If Interested

We Are Hiring..Worldwide Opportunity.
   If You Can Sell 1 Percent A Month..10 Percent A Year In Returns...You Will LOVE Selling Our 20 Percent A Month In Returns (Most Months) To Same People And Their Friends/Business Associates!!!!

   Never Sold Anything??   No Problem..No Experience Necessary..Just A Good Work Ethic And Motivation Is All You Need.

  Click Below For Our Hiring Page.

*** Need Help With Your Forex Account? Don't Blow It!!
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