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Please Note:   We have No Facility for Walk-in Traffic

    Inside Sales Crew Operations ...

I Have Been Approached By A Operator Seeking To Form Such An Operation, Using That Telemarketing Method Since No License Is Needed
No Series 34 Is Required To Tell Others About Us.

They Were Used By Brokers Before Dodd-Frank Bill Sucessfully. Many Closed Up Because Of That.. There Are Others Who Have Similar Thoughts About That With Us.

I Must Say..It Does Have My Interest, Is Feasible And Could Be Huge For Everyone Concerned.     I Have Decided To Allow This And A Special Arrangement Will Be Worked Out With Those Operator/Owners Who In Turn Will Compensate Their Crew Per Whatever Arrangement They Have.

I Will Designate Operators / Owners As General Managers With Overrides And They Are Free to Run Their Establishments As They See Fit. Because Of Our Flexibility... Their Location Can be In USA Proper Or Located Offshore Contacting USA Residents & USA Entities. They Will Function And Operate Following Our Prior Business Model On Website And NO One From That Operation Is Allowed To Handle Any Funds, Directly Or Directly, Following My Business Model.

The Operator/Owners And The Telemarketers Will Not Be Required To Be Series 34 Licensed Nor Will They Be Required To Be Licensed As Money Managers / Financial Advisers AS LONG AS THEY FOLLOW MY BUSINESS MODEL And Tell Others ONLY About Us And What We Offer In Investments Returns/Profits /Income When Compared to Others.

*** NO License Required!! ***
*** NO Series 34 Required!!! ***

This Will Apply To Anyone Seeking To Use Telemarketing To Tell Others About Us. Either Independantly Or Collectively Since I Have Not Given An Exclusive To Anyone.    In The Event Someone Buys An Exclusive Going Forward.. Everyone Will Be Entitled To Any Commisions From Any User Still On Our Books Leasing My Software Per My Finder's Agreement Which You Can Download From My Hiring Page.

I Will Terminate Any Agreement With Any Operator/Owner Who Violates My Business Model. NO Exceptions!!

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