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How Do We Stack Up With Our Competition?

   Firstly, Did You Read the Futures Magazine March 2010 issue? ... On page 26 or 29 is article about others trying to automate Forex and their failures...They are NO Closer Today.
   In back of that Issue under Advertisers, You will see our M & S Sarullo Ad.
Hence as you can see..we are not new at this and are still around With Our Profit Split Page.

Secondly...Read This...

Thirdly... While we can and do produce more than 30% monthly, most months in returns, ( Over 400% annualized with Compounding ) we will only use 20% Projected Monthly Return for us and .005% Monthly Projected Returns ( 6% annum / 12 months ) for their projected returns for this comparison.

This bar graph and our “ Expert “ versus their “ Expert “ with same risk factor needs no comment or explanation. Per $1,000 invested amount - monthly.

Finally..Whose “Expert “ results would you want, for you or your company?

Calling our competitions' returns Dismal, is being kind to them. We say, Higher limits are only reached when sights and expectations, from ourselves as well as others, are raised, not lowered.

Same is true with our Investments and Investment returns when mediocre or sub-par ability seeks to become the standard bearer, under the “ Expert “ banner.

“ Safe Investments by Our Experts ” Is What They Will Preach As Their Excuse for Dismal Or Negative Returns.

I say, Tell that to those that lost money in those so called " Safe Investments ", Pension Funds and 401K etc., and others that have been in the news over these past several years.

What about those who resort to “wrongdoings” to show a profit? They will never find a home with us. Our software generates Huge, Mind-Boggling Profits Legally, and can never be charged for “ Wrongdoings “

Our Competition Uses Words Like " Theoretical " and " Hypothetical " And Show You Numbers They Seldom Ever Achieve... That Is Old School Way Of Thinking And Functioning.... Welcome To 2017!!!


Strategy Testers Don't Work Also...It Is Doomed To Fail With It's Faulty Assumptions Which Don't Exist In Real Trading.


Nor Does Signal Sending That Opens And Offsets Trades Work Either. We Tried That In 2009 With Zulutrade And Trade Tandency Using Over A Dozen Brokers And I Terminated Our Agreement After Two Weeks Of Testing Even Though Hundreds Of People At The Time Wanted Our Signals.. Because Of Inherent Problems Between The Different Servers Involved.

" Too Many Fingers Spoil The Stew "


Have You Noticed... I Show You Real Results NO ONE Can Doctor Up! And, My Software Can Achieve My Numbers For You !!

PLUS, We Charge NO Fees For That.

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