Samuel J. Sarullo

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It is a Universal Dream.

Every Man, Woman And Child On This Globe Seeks To Get Ahead Financially And Become Financially Independent.

My Desire And Intent, Is To Help Them Realize That Dream By Providing The Trading Software That Can Produce The Results That Could Make That Dream A Perpetual Reality.

Samuel J. Sarullo

      First, get to know me and what I developed and own. Then,   if your serious about your investment returns and seeking higher income, better Investment Returns, come on board.

   My Past includes Decades of Executive/Managerial Experience and Years of Data Processing Experience Starting With IBM 360's & 370's ... spanning many Industries.   I am Not a Promoter.

   I am MT4 Expert Advisor Software Developer.    While we can develop many things, Our focus is on MT4 Forex Software Development.

   Let Me Put It To Work For You!!!
Use Us As Alternative To Your 401K Or Investment Account Or To Generate Cash..Working Capital For You Or Your Business. Why Settle For Mediocre.." Old School " Returns???

$$$   LET US TRADE FOREX   $$$
( Currency Pairs, Dollar Index, Futures ), GOLD, CRUDE OIL,
Heating Oil and Soft Commodities FOR YOU
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Some Say This Is A One Day Forex World Trading Record.
Others Says No One Can Do It..It Must Be A Fake..Scam.
" If It Could Be Done..I Wish I Knew How. "

Fact Is..It Is TRUE! You Can View The Actual Statement Including My $9,000 Withdrawal From That TradeThat Morning. The Broker Would Sue me Along With Regulators If Everything On Here Were Not True!!

Who Would You Want To Discuss Your Investment Returns With? Someone Who Gives You Hypothetical Advice And Produces Dismal Or Negative Weekly/Annualized Returns In Reality While Charging You A Fee...Or Us?? Me?

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